Admission Stats: TJHSST Class of 2016

Wow - the balance at TJ has really shifted since I left, hasn’t it?

Numbers included are the following:

1) 58.5% Male, 41.5% Female

2) 64.2% Asian, 26.3% White, 5.4% Multiracial, 2.7% HIspanic, 1.5% African American

Has the focus on STEM vs. well-rounded students really shifted the balance this much?  If so, then is this a good thing?  

Currently, I don’t know.  They are definitely focusing more on what the school’s purpose is, but personally, I think that high schools specializing in a particular subject (vs. a general gifted magnet school) are a bad idea.  As a triple major in Neuroscience, Molecular Biology, and Philosophy, I am one that definitely embraces liberal arts education even for focused students.  In fact, I would say that my philosophy courses have made a bigger impact on me as a student and person than any of my science courses.

Also, I now believe that if I were apply to TJ, I wouldn’t get in - that’s kind of scary.  Maybe I wouldn’t even fit in at TJ if I were a high school student now.

Things to think about, I suppose. 

Update:  Here’s a link to other admission stats for the academic years around my time:

My year and the year following us maintained close to a 50-50 balance in terms of gender.  Since then, it’s been on the rise, but I can’t truly say how radical the shift is.

What is clear and certain is that racially, things have changed drastically. 

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