Whoa. That's a big difference from my class (2015). The admissions process has actually changed the other way; there's more focus on well-rounded students and less on STEM. The admissions process has gone from asking students STEM related questions on the application to questions about your best subject and accomplishments. I'm afraid for the class of 2016. My class has the historically lowest scores in math and bio at the moment and no one's getting "asked to leave" since too many kids would go


Really?  That comes as a surprise to me.  I have heard that since Dr. Glazer became principal, the humanities and arts have been undermined through cuts and less emphasis.  I know of several teachers that had talked about leaving in light of the changes, and some of them followed through.  These changes led to this petition from alumni, for instance:

I do know that they are trying to seek and emphasize “diversity” in admissions (it is now a factor in admissions/a scale on the recommendation letters), but those efforts have been ineffective.  I also assumed that more men/Asians had been accepted based on their strength in the sciences.  However, I might be stereotyping in that regard, for which I apologize.

I wonder if that is indicative of the quality/type of student TJ is now attracting or if the changes in the admission process (whether they are seeking well-rounded students or STEM students) are selecting a different type of student.  Regardless, I believe there is a problem on the administrative level and with the philosophy of the school.

Thank you for your insight - I appreciate hearing a different perspective from a student currently there.  It surprises me that students are doing so poorly in math and biology.  I really would like to get more information from more people like you.

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